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AnyBizSoft PDF Converter - шустрая и удобная утилита для пакетного преобразования PDF файлов в форматы Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB (используется для чтения электронных книг на мобильных устройствах iPad, iPhone, iTouch и др.), TXT и HTML с сохранением исходного форматирования текста. Присутствует возможность конвертации как всего документа PDF, так и определенного диапазона страниц. Также программа умеет преобразовывать зашифрованные PDF файлы, которые защищены от печати, редактирования и копирования.

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How to Convert PDF to WORD (AnyBizsoft Pdf Converter) 100% Free:

View Screenshots 2. Try It In Browser! Works on : Windows 10 Windows 8. AnyBizSoft PDF Converter was released on and last updated on our database on and is currently at version 2. Thank you for downloading from SoftPaz! Your download should start any moment now.

anybizsoft pdf to word:

All the original text,layouts,images and hyperlinks are well retained after conversion. View Large Screenshot. Support both text and image hyperlinks;5. Export images from PDF files with higher quality and accuracy. Need to convert Microsoft word files to PDF files? This tool simply convert word files of MS , , , 98, 97, 95, and 6. If you want to read PDF file while no PDF reader installed on your computer, or if you want to use the text included in the PDF file, but it can not support copy and paste, then you

Download AnyBizSoft PDF Converter 2.6 Full Version:

Who will get the benefit from using UniPDF? It is easy to understand why we need a tool to copy and edit content in a PDF file. Sometimes you may need to copy parts from a solid PDF document to your report which you edit on Word. For an example, you may need to copy a text along with an image and a table or an infographic from a PDF to your word document. Copying separate texts and images to a word processor is an extremely tedious and a time consuming task. This software makes the whole process an easy job which is highly time saving and convenient to the user. As an ultimate solution to the long awaited need, UniPDF is here with a series of novel additions and upgrades to make your concrete PDF files liquid and easily editable on a word processor.

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