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Artisteer - многофункциональная программа для автоматического создания шаблонов. Поддерживаются популярные системы управления сайтом CMS Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Blogger,  кроме этого есть возможность создавать простые, но достаточно функциональные сайты html, в которых будет все необходимое для небольшого сайта.

Artisteerможет быть полезным, как начинающим веб мастерам, так и продвинутым дизайнерам.

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How to Create Custom Blogger Template Artisteer 4:

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شرح مختصر ومفيد لبرنامج ارتيستر artisteer 2019:

All you have to do is select the different elements that will be included in your template header, columns, menu bar, buttons and the likes , customize their appearance position on the layout, color, text font, pattern, special effects and your template will be ready to use. Artisteer also includes tons of color schemes, header images, web backgrounds and other sorts of ready-made material. The best thing about Artisteer is that it lets you preview changes right on its interface in real time. Recommending Artisteer Alternative. Excellent software.

Extensoft Artisteer урок созадние шаблона:

Artisteer Standard Edition is an easy-to-use application that can help those with no relevant HTML, CSS or web design knowledge create their own professional-looking websites, blogs or wordpress themes. As it is especially designed for inexperienced users, ease of use is one of the main characteristics of the software program. Starting with its tabbed interface and ending with web content and design suggestions, all the tools are there to help you build and publish a website or a blog easily and fast. A collection of predefined layout templates is included, allowing you to adjust and customize the desired one to get your website up and running in no time. Other design elements are also available, such as blocks, widgets, shapes, text boxes, tables, quotes, headlines and more. The menu area ensures the website functionality and the connection between different pages.

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