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ToМ Reader - программа для чтения электронных текстов наиболее привычным способом - в виде книги. Программа работает с форматами HTML, TXT, DOC, в виде чистого текста.

Возможности программы:

Программа поддерживает речевой синтез с использованием библиотек Speech API от Microsoft. Чтобы воспользоваться этой возможностью, необходимо иметь установленную Speech API и речевые модули (движки) для соответствующих языков. Подробнее об этом вы можете узнать на домашней странице программы.

It allows you to read books in the most common modern formats and even listen to them thanks to the support of speech synthesis. This program is a great solution for those who like hanging out with a book. It can reproduce not only text documents, but also their graphic content, as well as sound. At the same time, it is natural that for high-quality voice playback you will have to download some additional materials. In general, all the settings of the utility are extremely simple and just as necessary, so that everyone will be able to adapt this simple program to their reader needs. Free Software for PC and Android. Average rating.

Tomb Invader 2018 Full Movie (Tomb Raider Copycat):

By EntirelyBonkers Watch. Female Reader. Just a short drabble for a show I really like. Marco and you had been behind them just moments ago and yet when she turned around, both of you were gone. They searched the area for a few minutes before realizing that they had left you down in the underworld when they had picked up Tom. Tom, on the other hand, knew this was going to happen. He could never say no to those.

Fixed and random effects with Tom Reader:

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TOMB RAIDER : 8 New Movie Clips !:

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