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Http Traffic Generator - инструмент, позволяющий генерировать качественный трафик HTTP для тестирования веб-приложений, веб-серверов, систем обнаружения вторжений и их устойчивость к HTTP-воздействию. Можно указать количество запросов и интервал между запросами. Сформированные запросы направляются на указанный URL. Программа простая и быстрая в работе, что дает возможность имитировать активность клиентов.

If you have ever commissioned a new network, then you will know how important it is to benchmark the environment before it is signed off and brought online. Likewise, it is a good idea to Stress Test and Generate Network Traffic on existing networks to try and find any areas that need attention, such as packet loss and connection drops. Network Traffic is essential for businesses if they are going to run well enough to keep your data flowing and your applications communicating correctly. Some businesses have multiple branches that need constant communications across the WAN, including internet and telephone communications. If these links become over saturated, then it is possible for these important systems to grind to a halt so that you can no longer operate from these remote locations.

Ostinato Traffic generator tool Tutorial:

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Fully Anonymous DNS \u0026 HTTP/HTTPS Internet Traffic Noise Generator -- Noisy + Nipe:

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Web Traffic Simulation using Cisco Packet Tracer:

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