Oiynsoft Mouse Meter

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Oiynsoft Mouse Meter - небольшая программа для измерения пробега курсора вашей мышки.

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When we buy some of these extremely expensive gaming mice we expect them to be the best engineered devices available. Sadly this is not the case, and a flawless sensor mouse or superior sensor, sometimes perfect sensor is actually quite rare. Lots of gaming mice sensors are equipped with certain algorithms and try to predict our movement. In competitive gaming we want our mice to produce our exact movements on the screen. We want to be as close to the metal as possible. It certainly might even be debatable what a flawless sensor actually is. So we want to get this straight:. When we talk about a flawless sensor mouse we mean that there is little to no prediction algorithms, no mouse acceleration, no jitter, and no axis differences.

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