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BWMeter — мощная утилита для графического отображения и подсчета трафика, передаваемого по вашей локальной сети. Программа позволяет производить подсчет переданных пакетов, а также узнать откуда и куда они направляются, к какому порту и по какому протоколу.

Можно раздельно считать внутрисетевой или же исходящий/входящий Интернет-трафик. Присутствуют настраиваемые фильтры, отчеты можно представлять как графически, так и в виде цифровых отчетов.

Log into your account. Forgot your password? Create an account. Register for an account. BWMeter is a powerful bandwidth meter , monitor, traffic controller and firewall.

BWMeter 7.4.0:

DeskSoft Trial version. User rating User Rating 6. BWMeter has an edge on other apps which provide a similar service, in that is is able to analyze data packets; where they come from, where they go, and which port and protocol they use. The advantage of this, is that you will be able to distinguish between local and internet traffic. You can also use BWMeter as a traffic controller, by configuring a speed limit for different kinds of connections. Key Features include: Graphical and numerical bandwidth display. User definable filters for measuring bandwidth.

bwmeter (2014):

Users who want to know exactly how much bandwidth they use will definitely find BWMeter a very handy tool, as the application provides not only a detailed analysis of both the network and the Internet connection but also some other great features. Although it was initially designed to give you an overview over the network and Internet traffic, BWMeter offers you much more than that as it includes tools to control network access, graphs and even alerts and notifications. Well, yes and no, because the interface has been designed to make the whole job a lot easier, so features are nicely organized in the main window. BWMeter allows you to set up filters for either the local network or the Internet, configure speed limits and stop traffic or enable download and upload restrictions. What we liked the most however where the graphs generated by the app that can be updated at an user-defined interval and can be fully customized with a different position and size, various display units and fractional digits, but also with a new visual style. Otherwise, the amount of statistics provided by BWMeter is absolutely impressive, showing you valuable information either hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Quite easy to use and packing enough features to satisfy the needs of most users, this software is indeed one of the best of its kind.

Herramientas CAD - Tutorial BWmeter:

Windows XP , Vista , 7. BWMeter — программа для управления передачей информации по сети. С её помощью можно отображать в виде графиков загрузку сетевого канала, ограничивать скорость сетевых соединений и собирать детальную статистику по передаваемым пакетам данных. Wikimedia Foundation. Сетевой трафик — англ. Возможности программы Обработка трафика. Весь трафик, обрабатываемый программой, проходит через набор настраиваемых фильтров.

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