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Ludo Trade - компьютерная версия популярной настольной игры "Лудо", но в отличии от классической игры, вам предстоит двигать свои караваны по "Великому Шелковому пути", покупать и продавать товары, нападать на караваны конкурентов и избегать встречи с разбойниками.

Для победы в игре необходимо первому заработать определенный капитал. Тот кто потеряет все свои деньги и товары проигрывает.

Правила настольной игры:

Игрок, который потеряет свои деньги и весь товар проигрывает. Побеждает тот, кто первый заработает свой нужный капитал, который указан на игровом поле возле надписи "GOAL" (цель).

Приятного досуга и удачной торговли.

Released in , Ludo King has become the first Indian game to cross million downloads on Google Play which is also the modern version of the royal game of Pachisi. Enjoy a game of Snake and Ladders on 7 different gameboard variations. Ludo King has been ranked no. Play regularly with your friends and family members by forming a room. Talk to each other while playing.

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P v c ludo snakes and trade:

Ludo will stay smaller than RetroArch by only implementing the core features and by targeting less platforms. By not adding advanced functionalities we aim to deliver a stable frontend for beginner users on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Some design choices are different, for example we support less cores, and choose cores for the user. The cores are packaged in the frontend so no additional step is required to launch a game. As RetroArch, Ludo is a libretro frontend, so the way of communicating with the emulators is the same. Same cores, similar UI patterns, joypad driven UI, same game thumbnails, mostly the same game database, same terminology. I think we can also say same developers, as I am an important contributor of the libretro team, and all the people who provided me with help are also member of the libretro community.

Play Snakes and Ladders Board Game - Board Game Challenge:

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