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Ashampoo Home Design - это программа для создания дизайна дома и трёхмерного конструирования, которая позволяет создать план, дизайн и обстановку. Здания могут быть обставлены с помощью объектов из эксклюзивного каталога, а возможность трёхмерного просмотра позволяет держать под контролем каждую деталь.

Ключевые особенности:

Smart wizards facilitate data input and get you good results quickly. Create professional-grade blueprints and be your own constructor right on your PC! Ashampoo Home Design 5 supports the loading and editing and saving of various new 3D object formats. This gives you access to millions of 3D objects! Simply import them and add them to your designs!

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Setup file is standalone and its offline installer. Ashampoo Home Design is an efficient application that is used to design a wonderful house. Furthermore, it also provides assistance for designing and planning with a unique set of customizations and tools. Moreover, this application also facilitates with a variety of different tools and features that works for both the experts as well as beginners. Above all, this efficient application also provides lightweight environment for all users. You can also like Room Arranger 9.

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Esto le da acceso a millones de objetos 3D! Planifique las instalaciones fotovoltaicas con facilidad! Deje que el programa lo haga por usted! Fascinantes vistas previas en 3D La fenomenal vista en 3D le permite hacer un recorrido virtual por sus edificios, mucho antes de que se coloque la primera piedra. Sitio Oficial HomePage.

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Plan, model and design your dream home. What will your finished house look like? Ashampoo Home Design 5 includes everything from doors, windows, balconies and carports to sanitary and electrical installations including photovoltaic elements. Missing an item? Simply import it. Furnish your house and turn your virtual model into a lifelike piece of architecture with one of the most comfortable home design software on the market! Key Features.

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