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Secure File Deleter - удобный инструмент для надежного, безопасного и безвозвратного удаления файлов на компьютере. Как известно, существует множество программных решений для восстановления удаленных данных, что может угрожать вашей конфиденциальности, когда к компьютеру имеется общий доступ (например, рабочая машина).

Эта утилита позволяет не только очистить диск от следов удаляемых файлов, но и для большей надежности перезаписать стираемой место случайными символами в несколько проходов, переименовать сам файл или папку, удалить записи о расположении блоков файла, удалить временные метки и др.

Работать же с приложением очень легко. Предусмотрено 3 варианта удаления информации:

Не важно какой вариант вы выберите - все данные будут удалены без возможности восстановления. Так что если вы продаете свой ПК или отдельно жесткий диск, хотите стереть следы секретной информации и обезопасить свою приватность, то Secure File Deleter как нельзя лучше подходит для этих целей.

Доступные параметры безопасности:

With this application, you are able to accomplish a complete and utter destruction of the files you add to it. It does this by perform multiple passes after a file has been deleted and using different algorithms to do this. Using Secure File Deleter is very simple and includes a wizard-like process. Just drag-and-drop files from Windows Explorer into the main interface and follow the steps. Options here include overwriting data with random characters, deleting file usage data and empty file to destroy the MFT chain. Anti-recovery options are further available: rename the file to a random name, overwrite the contents of the file and finally, select the algorithm for secure deletion DOD

Smart Secure File Deleter:

In most cases the means we use to delete a file from our computers such as using Delete key, Trash files or rm command, which do not permanently and securely remove the file from the hard disk or any storage media. The file is simply hidden from users and it resides somewhere on the hard disk. It can be recovered by data thieves, law enforcement or other threats. Assuming a file contains classified or secret content such as usernames and passwords of a security system, an attacker with the necessary knowledge and skills can easily recover a deleted copy of the file and access these user credentials and you can probably guess the aftermath of such as scenario. In this article, we will explain a number of command line tools for permanently and securely deleting files in Linux. A Linux wipe command securely erases files from magnetic memory and thereby making it impossible to recover deleted files or directory content. Note : Wipe only works reliably on magnetic memory, therefore use the other methods for solid state disks memory. Once installed, you can use srm tool to remove files or directories securely on a Linux system as follows.

Secure File Deleter 6.03:

All In One Tweaks. Back Up. Covert Ops. Internet Tools. System Tools. Web Browsers.

Eraser for secure file deletion:

This release improves security of the program. The old code signing certificate is going to expire soon, thus we have replaced it with a new one. This will prevent problems with expired certificate message which you will see in the next month, if you will not update your copy of the program This release improves stability of the program and fixes several small bugs that were discovered and reported by our users. We thank you for this! Without your help it would be difficult

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