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FileSearchy - быстрая и удобная программа, которая поможет вести поиск файлов на компьютере. Утилита производит поиск по имени в реальном времени, но в отличии от других поисковых программ с мгновенным поиском по имени файла, это приложение позволяет также искать и в содержимом самих файлов. FileSearchy поддерживает множество популярных и не только форматов файлов и способна подсвечивать найденный текст в имени и содержимом файлов.

Основные возможности:

There are a set of special terms that you can use to refine your search results. Specifying the number without any trailing plus or minus sign you will retrieve those detected exactly by the given number of engines, i. The following table details the full list of available search modifiers along with the type of file on which the modifier can act. Please note that all these modifiers can be combined together and used in conjunction with the search modalities described above. Filters the files to be returned according to size. The size can be specified in bytes default , kilobytes or megabytes.

Trying out FileSearchy Pro:

You can also check out best free duplicate photo finder software and best free uninstaller software. Locate32 is a free desktop file search utility for Windows. It lets you find files or folders based upon the name you specify. It uses database to store all the files information and directory structure of your hard disk. First update the database from file menu and then search for your files or folders. It searches very fast. You can use other Windows context commands on files or folders on search results.

Быстрый поиск файлов на компьютере. Программа FileSearchy:

Sync, share and collaborate across devices and teams. SeaTable is a new application that combines spreadsheet with database. It allows you to manage many kinds of information as easily as a spreadsheet, while being as powerful as a dedicated information management application. Organize files into libraries. A library can be selectively synced into any device.

FileSearchy demonstration:

You seem to have CSS turned off. FileSearch is a multi-threaded documents searcher. No indexes need to be updated ; no background service is required. The more you have drives the more search speed is increased thanks to its multi-threading technic. FileSearch Web Site. Yep, Windows 10 path explorer search is the worst nightmare. Constant bugs, slow, you need a line code to search by date. And this software is the solution for that frustation.

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