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DataNumen Disk Image - бесплатная и простая в эксплуатации программа для создания образов дисков и разделов, а также их восстановления в формате IMG.

Присутствует возможность пакетного создания образов, поддерживается создание образов с повреждённых носителей, для попытки восстановить данные на другом устройстве. Программа работает со всеми распространёнными типами дисков и разделов.

Ключевые особенности DataNumen Disk Image:

Примечание! Программа DataNumen Disk Image бесплатна для домашнего некоммерческого использования.

Main Features: 1. Support all kinds of disks and drives. Support to restore images back to drives. Support to clone data from corrupted media. Support to replace damaged sectors with specified data.

How to clone, image and restore any disk in macOS for FREE:

Write A Review. It minimizes file corruption loss by recovering as much data as possible in IMG archives. DataNumen Disk Image features a simple and user-friendly interface with a bluish theme. The Clone tab gave us a drop-down list of all the drives connected to our computer. Once we had selected the drive we wanted to clone, we typed the name we wanted for the disk image and specified the location to save it. The interface displayed a warning note with block letters in red color warning against specifying the source drive or disk as the output destination. A pop-up window appeared after successful creation of the disk image, telling us that we could open the fixed PST file using Outlook.

DataNumen Disk Image Walkthrough:

It is full offline installer standalone setup of DataNumen Disk Image. DataNumen Disk Image is a reliable and efficient application that helps you clone and restore disks or drives. This is a powerful application that creates and restores the disk image or drive image byte by byte. It supports all kinds of disks and drives in all kinds of file systems. Using this tool, you have the power to create a disk or drive image for any disk or drive you want in a matter of minutes.

How to restore a disk image with Active@ Disk Image?:

Need a quick and easy way to backup and restore Windows without relying on backup tools or the cloud for your personal data? Several third-party Windows backup and restore tools are available, but they can be complicated and time-consuming to use. We all know that backing up our data is important, especially when upgrading to a new version of Windows. But rather than fiddle around with partitions for specific data, or syncing to the cloud, why not simply back up your entire Windows installation? You can add personal folders to an image backup, but omit apps and games. Naturally, you would need a suitable volume of storage for such a backup. This essentially creates an exact copy of your entire drive or selected directories.

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