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Lock My PC - Благодаря этой программе вы сможете полностью защитить свою рабочую или домашнюю машину от внешнего вторжения - для этого достаточно лишь установить Lock My PC и произвести минимум настроек, а точнее, всего лишь указать пароль для разблокировки компьютера. Программа во время работы находится в системном трее и почти не занимает места на рабочем столе и в памяти.

Lock My PC is being removed from the public domain and free recovery keys are on offer to combat a wave of complaints concerning the software being abused by tech support scammers. Lock My PC is software offered on a free and business basis by FSPRO Labs, an organization which has also developed drive encryption and file access restriction software. Lock My PC is designed to keep PCs safe from unauthorized access, such as when it is left unattended, by creating a lock screen that requires a password to remove. The software used to be widely available for free to download -- including by scammers to exhort payment from victims by locking their PCs. The scam artists attempt to gain control of a PC through remote control software and by abusing the Windows Syskey.

How to Lock Screen in Windows 7:

Keeping your laptop safe from unauthorized access is quite important. There are several ways to do that, but one of the best ways is to use a laptop locker software. Windows Shutdown Assistant is not your ordinary laptop security lock software. Of course, it can shut down your PC when it enters idle mode or when you set it to, but it can also turn it off in case of excessive CPU usage or low battery. Besides, this tool is highly versatile and seamlessly works with all Windows OS from Vista or XP a rare commodity these days! You can use Windows Shutdown Assistant to schedule tasks, perform specified actions like opening files and URLs, and even launch programs automatically.

How To Lock My Pc Drive With Password - WH Solution:

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How To Set Password On Windows 10:

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