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CoinVaultDecryptor - простая в использовании утилита для расшифровки файлов после заражения трояном-вымогателем CoinVault и Bitcryptor (Trojan-Ransom.MSIL.CoinVault).

Пользоваться программой очень просто. После запуска приложения, у пользователя запрашивается местоположение файла filelist.cvlst, в котором вредоносная программа сохраняет список зашифрованных файлов (также присутствует возможность переместить в окно программы все зараженные файлы). Затем необходимо запустить проверку, и дождаться, пока утилита подберет ключи шифрования.

Optionally, you may enter any email addresses or hyperlinks the ransomware gives you for contact if there is no ransom note. This service currently detects different ransomwares. Here is a complete, dynamic list of what is currently detected:. This service is strictly for identifying what ransomware may have encrypted your files. It will attempt to point you in the right direction, and let you know if there is a known way of decrypting your files.

Kasp File Virus Ransomware [.Kasp] Removal and Decrypt .Kasp Files:

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KASP file virus ransomware [.kasp] Removal and decrypt guide:

June 3, by Ventsislav Krastev. This blog post has been created in order to help victims of ransomware viruses look for and download decryptors of the ransomware viruses their computers have been infected with. The decryptor programs have been provided with the courtesy of the NoMoreRansom project which aims to help the victims of ransomware viruses. The project includes contributions from the top Antivirus vendors among which are Avast, Emsisoft, Kaspersky, McAfee, TrendMicro and many other contributors, the full list of which is available on the following link. For the latest updated information on viruses you can visit the project on Nomoreransom. Before performing any decryption, be advised that you should secure your computer system so that it is ransomware free, since it can cause damage to your PC. You scan your PC in just about 5 minutes, using an advanced malware removal tool.

Ransomware Hostage Rescue Guide with KnowBe4:

Kaspersky CoinVaultDecryptor is a lightweight utility that allows you to find the decryption key and hence, lend you a hand with recovering files that have been locked by CoinVault ransomware. More often than not, the malware is distributed as unsolicited emails that feature executable attachments disguised as PDF files. Considering that these additions come in the form of invoices, purchasing orders, bills, complaints or other common business documents, it is easy to understand why users are tempted to check what this is all about. A further noteworthy difference is that the decryption functionality and payment systems are built directly into the malware. Before you employ the utility, it is advisable that you remove the malware from your system using a specialized utility. Once you run the application, you are prompted to locate the filelist.

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